Johnny Rapid and gay porn star Roman Todd

johnny rapidTime and time again ‘Drill My Hole’ come up with some of the best hardcore fantasies around – made by of course. I think most people at some point in their lives has thought about running away, getting away from it all, to live a different kind of life, but what would you be running to? A beach, riches, cars, or not to care, just see where it takes you? And if that means sex, and lots of it, then go for it. Or, if not, you, then maybe you could meet up with a runaway. What would you do with him, especially if he was good looking with a great ass and an amazing dick like Johnny Rapid has when he meets up with gay porn star Roman Todd.
Johnny Rapid wants to try a different porn life; he wants to be someone else far away from his problems. His journey takes him into the ghettos where he sees Roman Todd talking to another man down in the rough back streets. Roman likes the look of the fresh meat that’s just come in and nods at Johnny to follow him round the corner. Johnny, wanting to try all kinds of different and new things follows him.
johnny rapid porn
They kiss each other hard on the lips desperate for another man’s body. Roman kisses Johnny’s smooth young flesh and small hard nipples. He sits down on a crate and Johnny kneels down at his side and sucks on his seven inch dick. Roman moans out quietly and smacks Johnny’s ass at the same time making Johnny ask for more. Roman’s sounds get louder and louder as Johnny takes his cock all the way to the back of his hungry young throat.
They kiss each other on the lips and Roman starts to finger Johnny’s asshole at the same time as Johnny carries on sucking on his dick. With one more smack of his ass cheek, Johnny stands up and Roman sucks and strokes on his hard cock.

Hot scene from the best paysite

We’re still abroad in today’s hot scene from the best paysite , and in this case it’s ‘Men in Ibiza part 6’ from Drill My Hole. It again stars Topher Dimaggio in his fourth scene for the series, and for the company actually. Topher Dimaggio started out in Men in Ibiza’s first episode, with Paddy O’Brian, and if you remember that you will recall it was a kind of dreamy, sensuous scene that soon developed into perfect hardcore, with great lighting and good sound. There’s a kind of far-away, dreamlike quality to this series, which has something to do with the location and a lot to do with the models.

The other star of this episode is the big and beefy Rogan Richards, with his nipple piercings and eight inch dick. He’s a top guy who has ploughed the sasses of some of’s top models, but never Dimaggio, who is himself also pretty hunky and muscled.

As this scene starts we are poolside again, back in our swanky island villa where Topher Dimaggio sits alone and waiting, looking rather down. Rogan soon appears and asks what’s wrong. It’s got something to do with guys going with guys behind guys’ backs, you know? Watch the other parts to get the general gist, but the main rule here is: what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza. And, hearing that, Dimaggio is soon cheered up and forgiven, or has forgiven what Rogan did, or…well, you know, there’s not a complicated storyline here. The guys on the island have been screwing each other and that’s okay. So, that said and mended, the guys start kissing…

There’s something magical about the way they make these movies, and the sight of two hunks like these two kissing tenderly, with their neatly trimmed and shaped beards, their powerful arms and wide shoulders that makes for a new kind of porn movie. It’s like real-man, hunky sex, rather than hardcore porn, and not your usual gratuitous suck and fuck scene. That does of course happen, but we have several glorious minutes of romantic foreplay before even one cock gets sucked. But when the guys start they sure know how to keep us hanging on.
After several minutes of Rogan Richards sucking Dimaggio, and Topher sucking Rogan Richards, of guys easting out the tough asses of each other and of Rogan burying his face between Topher ass cheeks, the guys start to fuck hard and deep. Rogan tops like a beast in this scene and Topher Dimaggio takes it like a man, as a power-bottom, all the way through to the explosive cum shots where Topher shoots his load into his own face and Rogan Richards puts a very creamy, white load around the other guy’s mouth.

What happens in Iviza stays… well, you know how it works. But what happens in this movie should definitely stay in your collection for a long time. Learn more about Topher at his website

Topher Dimaggio and Vance Crawford

At one time of another , all of us gay men have had naughty sexual thoughts about our straight male friends. These two men get to act on their feelings.
Topher Dimaggio had is going through a breakup from his girlfriend and he is having a rough time. He goes to see his best friend Vance Crawford to occupy his mind on something. These guys are as close as straight guys can be. Topher often sits on the couch with Vance and puts his head in his lap (straight up) when they hang out. There is something manly about the physical attention to each other, the first thump, and the way the men subtle touch each other. Vance realized that the problem his friend is going though is due to women and that he should try something else.

Vance does not have to do too much work to convince Dimaggio to have sex with him. Both of these men have tattoos and are in amazing shape. They have their huge cocks hanging out about the same size as each other. Vance wraps his dick sucking lips around Topher’s rock hard cock. He sucks his friend for a long time. Vance is able to take his pants off showing his saved pubic region and clean up balls.
Within a matter of minutes both men are naked showing off their well toned bodies. They take turns stroking each other’s cocks pleasing each other with each stroke. Vance is then bending over and Topher’s put his cock in Vance’s tight ass. He gives his a good drilling. These guys continue to switch to a number of different positions and last for over 25 minutes until they both cum for each other. For a couple of straight men they sure know how to fuck like gay men. Like gay pornstars in action ? check out

At the pool with Topher DiMaggio and his friends

It is spring break time and the guys are hanging out. The men are in tight and skimpy swimwear that does not leave much to the imagination. Within a couple of minutes the dust blonde man named Topher DiMaggio gets naked. He is laying out in the sun with his cock out. The other sexy men do not seem to mind this at all. He starts stroking his cock until it gets fully hard. Asher Hawk, the dark hair man with a nice tan , comes over and starts sucking Topher. His own cock is budging in his swimwear. The others take notice of this male on male action and the rock hard cocks sticking out now.

In no time there are five naked well hung men standing around the pool. They all have nice asses and hard large cocks. Asher and Jack start sucking the other men. The other men start getting in on the action as well. Topher begins to suck on Dalton. DiMaggio takes advantage of the situation and fucks Asher in his tight ass. The men swap partners and activities. They get sucked and do the sucking. They get fucked and do the fucking. There are many different positions and angles. The men swap partners several times as well as who is at what end. There are piles of massive man meat being passed around from one guy to the other. All the men get their turn to get some gay action.
These men keep on with each other for quite a long time. The men then starts to cum on each other all around even at the same time. Asher find his tattooed chest covered with man juice. It seems the men take turns releasing their loads on Asher. It is a good thing they are at the poolside so he can clean up easily. But who is gonna clean the pool ?

Hardcore shemale porn stars Danielle Foxxx and Kelly Shore

shemalepornstarKelly Shore feels guilty after being found having sex with two shemale pornstars from, Sunshyne Monroe and Sarina Valentina, hours before his wedding. That happened in part two of this fantastic hardcore series by and shown by ‘Str8 To Gay’ to turn us all on. Thankfully they are there again, and this time, Conner is joined on the bed by the swarthy Danielle Foxxx.
The scene starts off with Conner Maguire and Danielle Foxxx in the bedroom still dressed in their wedding tuxes. Conner is sat in a chair feeling distraught that his soon to be wife, has just dumped him. Actually, he’s not so worried that she dumped him, that was what he was wanting, but he is scared that she will tell everyone that he is gay. He tells Danielle all this, but Danielle tells him not to worry about it, he’s not gay, he was just helping his bros out, and that’s what bros do.

As they are bros just helping each other out, Kelly asks Danielle if he could suck his dick a bit as it would make him feel better about everything. Being the friend he is, Danielle tells him that as long as he shuts the fuck up, he will be more than happy to suck his dick, and he tells him to get it out.
Kelly almost jumps up as he fished his wedding tackle out as Danielle leans forward on the bed and takes his eight and a half inch uncut dick between his cock-sucking lips and starts to give him a fantastic blow job. Danielle then wants to be looked after, and as he leans back with his back against the wall as he sits on the bed, Conner whips his pants down and makes Danielle groan out with excitement as Conner deep throats his seven inch circumcised cock. Learn more about shemale porn stars – click here

Gay Twink Tube brings you Kody Knight and Lukas Grande

Gay Twink Tube’ have got a great new hardcore series to show us that has been filmed by It has international stars Kody Knight, and Lukas Grande, in its first cock-sucking, cock-spurting episode.
Kody Knight is so poor that he has lost his job, and has had to live in his car as he was thrown out of his house. Not all is lost though as Kody gets a letter exclaiming that he has been left a house in Palm Springs by a deceased uncle that he didn’t even know existed. His idea is to sell the house and live off the money for a while. When he gets there, he is pleasantly surprised how big the house is, and how expensive all the things are in the house. He is like a kid in a sweetie shop and as goes running from room to room, but he gets another surprise when a good looking man in a suit arrives in the doorway. The man introduces himself as, Lukas Grande, his uncle’s lawyer, and says that he is there for Kody to sign over the house into his name.
Kody signs the documents, and then Lukas shows Kody around the house, and into the bedroom. Kody can’t stop looking around and smiling, he can’t believe his luck at long last. His luck gets even better when he turns around and Lukas is lying on the bed naked except for his underpants. He smiles as Kody walks over to him, and, as he kisses his sweet lips, he rubs Kody’s eight inch cock through his shorts.
Kody quickly strips naked as he stands next to the bed with leather headboard. Lukas gets onto his knees and makes Kody groan with pleasure as he sucks his thick dick and fondle his ball sack at the same time.
Kody then gets on his knees as Lukas stands up and he sucks eagerly on Lukas’s delicious eight and a half inch dick, and licks his tongue around his meaty foreskin. Kody spits on Lukas’s cock, and even manages to take it to the back of his throat without any problems.
Lukas is quick to bend over where he stands, and holds onto his knees as Lukas spits on his own cock behind him, and pushes his cock all the way in in one smooth movement. The camera goes underneath them and we get a fantastic view of Lukas’s cock sliding all the way in to the tight asshole, and almost all the way back out again before he slams it back in a bit harder. Lukas groans at the tightness of Kody’s asshole, and Kody can’t stop shouting out loud as he feels every inch of Lukas’s hard cock slamming into him, and stuffing him full of cock.
Kody gets on his back on the expensive bed and Lukas Grande rides his ass like a runaway train until Kody Knight shouts out and covers his body with thick milky cum. He scoops some of it off, and shoves his own cum into his mouth as Lukas pulls out of him, and spurts his hot cum over Kody’s sweating, and cum filled body.
Kody Knight was born October 18th 1980 in Michigan and raised in Texas. He is classed as one of the most intelligent porn stars around today, and even has his own company. He also has a master of fine arts, (MFA) and visual and performing arts. And to top this off, Kody is one sexy man who knows how to please his men, on and off the screen. He is six feet two inches tall, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is a power bottom who has an eight inch circumcised cock, and he has starred in thirty five hardcore movies for this Gay Twink Tube.

Gay model Jimmy Durano

JimmyDuranoJimmy Durano is sex on legs, and was also the 2013 performer of the year at the Grabbys (The Academy Awards Of Gay Porn) and he also won best top. Jimmy has jet black hair, hazel eyes, is five feet eleven inches tall and has a delicious tasting eight and a half inch uncut cock. Jimmy has starred in five hardcore flicks for, and in his last movie, he fucks the ass off of Jorge Fusco in ‘Not Brothers Yet Part 8.’